teejAy (becomingcold) wrote,


Ok so I'm done with the layout. All I really did is mess around with the Generator pre-set layout and messed with the colors alittle bit. Which I dont like... But I'm pretty tired and HTML really upsets me when I dont get things right the first time =)

I'll get a real layout up as soon as I re-install photoshop. I also have to get something up for my domain (left-behind.net) by the end of this week, since me and Brennan are relaunching it. Should be pretty spiffy, keep a look-out for that.

Anyway, I suppose I'll start the "real" entries tomorrow.
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Lookin' sexy...Lovvvvve the purple ;)
Purple?! What purple!!!

I know not what you talk about =P

yes! FOUR friends...
Youre so talented TJ. I wish I was you.... ::sigh::

I love you!!!

I love you too Jackie =P

hey, this is 88 from crazylife. add me here?
You bet =)