teejAy (becomingcold) wrote,

My away message : Leave a message saying "yes" if you know who Jenna Jameson is.

Katie :Yes oh YES I do.
Larry : yes.
Brennan : hell yes
Larry's Sister : Oh hells yes!!! Creepy huh? ;)
Sam : mmm porn lol
Jackie : no :)

That's a 5:1 ratio, not too shabby. I'm gonna leave it on today when I go away as well, I want more information on this =)
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::cries:: I FEEL SO OUT OF THE LOOP. Maybe Im just stupid :'(. Im sorry I failed you TJ ::sniff::
Awww, its ok Jackie. I didn't know who she was either. If she was on VH1's Hottest Hotties why didn't I see her?! Hmm....stupid Jill always turning the channels to soap operas..I hate soap operas!!! And I'm assuming she's a porno star...
A porno star? no no, THE porno star :):):)
::cries:: I WANNA SEE THE PORNO STAR!!!!! Will you show her to me TJ? ;)
She's an UGLY porno star... in my opinion anyway. Now if Angelina Jolie were a porno star, SHE would be THE porno star...


January 13 2004, 03:19:25 UTC 14 years ago

I agree....Angelina Jolie is hot

But Angelina Jolie's too good to be a porno star. She's also way too hot. :)
Way to use your paid account =P.