teejAy (becomingcold) wrote,


I wonder how much money Steve Case gets for the sound-ads he's recently put into AIM.

I wonder how much satisfaction he gets knowing that a good 30 seconds of my would-be mp3 listening time is ruined because of them.

Stupid corporate asshole =P
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greetings true believers..
sam speaks quite fondly of u.
im vanessa *bows* hello.
by the way...cool icon
keep rawkin.. \m/
Hi Vanessa...

Do you go to Morton? Freshman?

Well either way, nice to meetcha, IM me at InjectPoison if you wanna talk sometime.
good day.
yes morton..yes freshman :D
ill im ya when i see ya on. sn- governmentskite
or- soulshapedank
Quite Fondly...hm, I guess you have a secret admirer. Argh Vanessa, you--you ass lol
NOT...lmao mother fucker..eww. lol
ttyl lover ;)