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Jan 11 2004; 10:04am
My away message : Leave a message saying "yes" if you know who Jenna Jameson is.

Katie :Yes oh YES I do.
Larry : yes.
Brennan : hell yes
Larry's Sister : Oh hells yes!!! Creepy huh? ;)
Sam : mmm porn lol
Jackie : no :)

That's a 5:1 ratio, not too shabby. I'm gonna leave it on today when I go away as well, I want more information on this =)

Jan 08 2004; 10:19pm
I think my problem is that I'm just sick and tired of it.

Jan 05 2004; 10:20pm
Nothing, literally nothing pisses me off more than when my significant other purposely signs off without saying goodbye.

Terrible fucking night, UGH

#008 Jan 04 2004; 12:22pm
Everybody enjoy your last day of break.

I know Pati will with her snow that she wanted so badly =)

#007 Jan 02 2004; 12:01am
I wonder how much money Steve Case gets for the sound-ads he's recently put into AIM.

I wonder how much satisfaction he gets knowing that a good 30 seconds of my would-be mp3 listening time is ruined because of them.

Stupid corporate asshole =P

#006 Jan 01 2004; 07:25am
Hey Ryan, we should do a Lost Prophets style cover band. I can sing all faggy like that guy, and I can play rhythm guitar at the same time. I've been thinking about this for like 30 min cause i haven't been able to sleep, it'll work i swear

I'm writing this here cause when I do get to sleep, i'm afraid i wont remember

g'night, well..... g'morning

#005 Dec 31 2003; 11:13pm
buzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzz

lmao this is so coll. When he was all like "I CAN"T FEEL MY LEEEEGSSSSSSSSSS" i know what he was talking about now

cause i can't =DDDDDDDD

Hye I hope you all had a good newyears and shit, mine was pretty cool. Even though it's only 11:13.

ugh it's so hottttttttttt wtf

i love you all =D <3333333333

#004 Dec 31 2003; 05:19pm

Last night was interesting, I had a nice convesation with Briane. We're friends again, to say the least =)

Today was pretty decent too. I woke up at like 11, and I was just gonna take my guitar off the rack or play video games or something, but then I'm like "oh shit I'm going to Chicago Ridge with Ryan". So I jumped in the shower and we went.

Actually being there was boring, but I picked up the Brave New World CD by Iron Maiden, which I'm currently listening to. Fantastic.

Now, my uncle and his fiance are coming over, along with my godmother and her family. I enjoy all of their company to a certain extent, so it should be a decent night. Ryan wanted me to come with him somewhere I guess, but I really didn't feel like it.

Sorry man. Dont suffer too much =P

K, later<3

#003 Dec 31 2003; 03:14am
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

#002 Dec 30 2003; 10:13pm
Hiiiii there. I re-installed photoshop, and this is the after-math... I dunno. It's not exactly what I wanted, but I never can seem to get EXACTLY what's in my head into the actual HTML itself.

Anyway, today was kinda... Boring, to say the least. Still better than others though. I sat around till like 4, then Ryan IMed me and asked me to get food. So we did, and then we went to his house to pick up Spinal Tap. We came back, watched some of that, and jammed da geetar. It wasn't too bad, not too bad at all.

Apparently Kayce didn't go to her meet, and I wanted to go over there but it never happened. I miss her =(

K, later.

#001 Dec 29 2003; 10:04pm
Ok so I'm done with the layout. All I really did is mess around with the Generator pre-set layout and messed with the colors alittle bit. Which I dont like... But I'm pretty tired and HTML really upsets me when I dont get things right the first time =)

I'll get a real layout up as soon as I re-install photoshop. I also have to get something up for my domain ( by the end of this week, since me and Brennan are relaunching it. Should be pretty spiffy, keep a look-out for that.

Anyway, I suppose I'll start the "real" entries tomorrow.

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