teejAy (becomingcold) wrote,

I think my problem is that I'm just sick and tired of it.
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AW :( Whats wrong my TeeJay?
slut. he cant be YOUR teejay. he belongs to me.

Yeah, you win...Im not arguing over with you. Just fuck off
oh jeeze. get a sense of humor. me and teejay are just friends.
I dont have a sense of humor...just leave me alone
LMAO! (the convo)
isnt it funny?

people need to lighten up.
And you, yes you...were you spoken to? Nope, didnt think so...
This is a journal. Where you COMMENT. And that was my comment. Free speech, yo.
......People, seriously, shut up...argh, fuck, cant people have a bad day without being bitched at around here?
She was only kidding. And like people "around here", we joke around. You know, like hahaha. Stuff like that. Sorry your day sucked. But not all of our day's were bad. So, can we at least, joke around? And, she never bitched at you, it was quite the opposite. And if you can't laugh with us, then don't bitch at us. We're just trying to have fun.
Yeah Yeah...I dunno, sorry or something. I said fuck one too many times.
if you dont want to be bitched at..........stop posting.
shes part of one of those "super sad/super cool cuz were all depressed" cliques. you know, those freshman that stand around the pole forever in the cafe after school. our type of humor is like kryptonite to them. dont waste your time arguing briane.


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago

Oh yes, Im a manic depressive, life sucks...I just wanna die. In fact, Im suicidal. I just wanna end it all...black oh yes, its my favorite color. I like dark stuff and hell. Did I mention that I worshiped Satan?...Ouuuuuuh the pole. Damn, next time well move just for you...but oh wait, were sad and depressed we might be too busy crying or something...Arent you guys a little too old to be stereotyping? I mean cmon, be a good example for us litle freshmans, we just dont know any better........
how can we set an example for you if youve already fallen into a label?

and im stereotyping?

if anything im labeling you. not stereotyping.

guess ya gotta get crackin on learning some definitions before you choke on a big word.

How about we grow up and give it up already? Or are you just gonna keep talking? Me choke on a big word?...Ok, surrrre. But you still need to grow up and stop "labeling" people. Were not in Middle School anymore....
How about we grow up and give it up already?

if you knew what 'grown up' is. you wouldn't have posted again.



January 11 2004, 06:44:23 UTC 13 years ago

shut the fuck up patiska, you stupid cunt before i fucking lacerate your throat, choke on that (along with martin luther king jr's choclate cock)
Leave names please.
hahahahahaha. I bet I'd be somewhat upset if I actually cared. shucks, too bad I dont. what a waste of time, having to look up 'cut' in the thesauras.


January 13 2004, 02:18:47 UTC 13 years ago




January 14 2004, 07:21:57 UTC 13 years ago


-vaginal distrobuter-
shit! i missed all tha huh teejay.
lol, fuck the pole...we dont worship it. and i gotta say,im not depressed (all the time)..lol, meh sterotyping & labeling like the government is currupt and bullshit if i may say so myself ;).
tool rocks!
-vanessa aka sams erotic friend