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Last night was interesting, I had a nice convesation with Briane. We're friends again, to say the least =)

Today was pretty decent too. I woke up at like 11, and I was just gonna take my guitar off the rack or play video games or something, but then I'm like "oh shit I'm going to Chicago Ridge with Ryan". So I jumped in the shower and we went.

Actually being there was boring, but I picked up the Brave New World CD by Iron Maiden, which I'm currently listening to. Fantastic.

Now, my uncle and his fiance are coming over, along with my godmother and her family. I enjoy all of their company to a certain extent, so it should be a decent night. Ryan wanted me to come with him somewhere I guess, but I really didn't feel like it.

Sorry man. Dont suffer too much =P

K, later<3
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